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Surrey / White Rock

The pier at White Rock, South Surrey

Surrey is the second largest city in B.C. and with over 335,000 people is one of the fastest-growing cities in North America. It has some 80 parks throughout the community, and is known as the City of Parks.

At approximately three times the size of Vancouver, Surrey is more than a dormitory town feeding Vancouver. It is a centre in its own right, attracting jobs, development and corporate head offices.

The City Centre in Surrey’s northwest sector features high-density residential housing around a retail and business centre connected to Vancouver by rapid transit.

In Surrey’s eastern region, Cloverdale, home of the annual Cloverdale Rodeo and harness-racing track.

On the southern edge of Surrey by Semiahmoo Bay is White Rock, named after the massive white 486-ton boulder on the beach just east of the pier. White Rock is a popular place for those who want the advantages of a city while being next to the countryside and the ocean. It’s long sandy beaches, restaurants and art galleries make this an attractive place to live or simply to visit. It has the feel of a seaside town.

For anyone from England, it is interesting to know that Surrey owes its name to English geography. New Westminster municipal clerk H.J. Brewer looked across the Fraser River in 1879 and saw a land that reminded him of his hometown in Surrey, England. Since Surrey, England is located just across the River Thames from Westminster, H.J. Brewer decided that the city located opposite New Westminster, BC on the Fraser River would be called Surrey, BC.

Real Estate

Surrey's real estate market comes under the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board. Prices vary widely by area and quality of property. The South Surrey/White Rock area has been the most desirable area, with a reputation for warmer weather attracting both young and old.

If you are interested in buying in this area (or anywhere in BC) please use our form to tell so that we can help you find the right area and the right home. Our local experts are available here and for most other areas.

Benchmark Prices in the Fraser Valley as at October 2013
Area  Houses   Townhouses   Apartments 
Abbotsford $434,500 $216,200 $146,800
Cloverdale $578,600 $324,900 $229,500
Langley $560,800 $287,600 $209,300
Mission $360,700 $224,400 $157,200
N. Delta $532,400 $293,300 $160,700
North Surrey $532,700 $241,900 $206,100
South Surrey / White Rock $843,700 $463,100 $248,700
Surrey $569,700 $297,500 $192,000
Source: Fraser Valley Real Estate Board



Surrey's schools come under school district 36. This area has 124 schools and is dealing with a growing school population.

Top Secondary Schools in Surrey by Fraser Institute Rank
SchoolRank in B.C.Score (out of 10)
Pacific Academy179
Regent Christian418
Elgin Park418
Holy Cross507
Fraser Heights747
Sullivan Heights747
White Rock Christian877
Fraser Valley Christian967
Source: Fraser Institute 2011


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