Relocating to British Columbia
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Student Visa

Snowboard or ski on one of many ski resorts in BC

Do you want to study in Canada? You will probably need a student visa for this. Even if you don't want to study you might want to consider getting this visa because your partner will be granted a temporary work permit during your stay. That might just be the extra bit of help you need to get into Canada under another category like the Skilled Worker.

If you want to study in Canada you will probably need a Study Permit. The exceptions are for:

It is worth getting a Study Permit, even if you do not need one, because with a Study Permit, you can:

You may need a temporary residence visa as well, depending on the country - see the list of countries. This is issued automatically with your study permit if your citizenship means it is necessary.

See the CIC site for full details on the Student Visa