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Squamish has a lovely brewpub and excellent beer

Why consider Squamish?

This is a community that you may not have considered as a place to live, visit or invest in. Perhaps this is because it has been something of a forgotten community.

Squamish is located along the Sea to Sky Highway north of Vancouver and south of Whistler in the coastal mountains and is a community of unparalleled scenic beauty, lifestyle advantages and outdoor recreation.

Before 1958, when Highway 99 was opened, connecting Squamish to Vancouver, Squamish must have been a very isolated community. Now it is on the route to Whistler and beginning to be a destination in its own right.

Squamish now has a population of approximately 17,000.

What can you do in Squamish?

There is more to Squamish than an comfort stop en route to or from Whistler. If your read the following list you will see that it is living up to it’s self-penned name: “Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada”. All of these activities are available within minutes of your home in Squamish:

Does Squamish have a vision ?

One thing that I think has served Vancouver and Whistler well is it’s urban planning. Squamish has learnt from this and has an ambitious long term vision for the community: the Squamish Downtown Waterfront Concept Plan

Some of the major elements of the plan are defined and described as follows:

Sea to Sky University

Squamish is to be the home of a new University - the Sea to Sky University. Development is due to start this year, with the first student starting studies in September 2006.

Real estate


If you are interested in buying in this area (or anywhere in BC) please use our form to tell so that we can help you find the right area and the right home. Our local experts are available here and for most other areas.

Below is a table showing the Benchmark prices for typical property in Squamish. This comes from the Vancouver Real Estate Board’s monthly statistics.

Benchmark Prices: Vancouver as at October 2013
CategoryBenchmark $1 Yr Change3 Yr Change
Source:Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver - MLS ®


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