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Skilled Worker Class Visas

A float plane in Victoria HarbourThis class is for people with the skills to work in Canada. It is assessed on a points system. Points awarded are in six categories:

  1. Education
  2. Language skills (in English/French)
  3. Experience
  4. Age
  5. Employment in Canada
  6. Adaptability

Currently the pass mark is 67 points. The first step may be for you to assess your points using the CIC’s online tool.

In addition to the points requirement there is a financial requirement. You will need to have adequate funds to support your family. See the CIC site for details. The financial requirement is waived if you have arranged employment in Canada.

For more information on this visa please visit the CIC site:

Skilled Worker Class Immigration

Please note that we are not immigration consultants and cannot offer specific advice on immigration to Canada. We can refer you to immigration lawyers and immigration consultants.