Relocating to British Columbia
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Emigrating -Foreign Exchange and Currency Rates

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Cost of Canadian schooling

The Vancouver trolley may not take you to school

Education is "free" in Canada. This means that as a permanent resident, someone on at least a year’s work permit or Canadian citizen you will not have to pay school fees, unless you choose to send your children to private schools. There are however costs involved.


Students are responsible for providing their stationery (paper, pens, pencils etc). This has generated a huge back to school bonanza for the stationery supply shops. Just before the new school year in September there is a rash of back to school sales and the aisles in Staples, London Drugs and Walmart etc are full of kids and their parents clutching lists of the supplies they need.

If your child is involved in school activities, such as sports, music etc, then there will be additional fees for the materials involved. This can work out expensive for uniforms and sports equipment. Hockey kit is particularly expensive.

School Uniforms

There are no school uniforms in Canadian public schools. This means what it says. However most school districts will have some informal dress codes, usually to do with not exposing too much flesh! Boys seem to wear the same things all the time - the skater/snowboard chic being in right now. Girls are more obviously fashion conscious. The bottom line is that you don't have to get a special set of clothes for school, and your costs will be dictated largely by your child's demand for expensive clothing.