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This area is a vibrant, multi-cultural area which is actually made up of 17 islands. Most of the area is at sea level, protected by dykes from the pacific ocean and the Fraser river, at whose mouth Richmond sits.

Vancouver International airport is in Richmond. There are also many other employers in Richmond, making it a thriving business community.

The area is served by the recently built extension to Vancouver's skytrain - the Canada Line. This rapid transit system is a convenient way to commute and has been a great addition to the area.

Richmond has a lovely seaside village - Steveston. This is a great place to visit for fish and chips!


The population, as of July 2008, was 188,100, but with Richmond's projected growth it is expected to reach 226,000 by 2021. Most of this growth has come from immigration and Richmond has the highest proportion(51%) of foreign-born residents among all of Canada's municipalities. The bulk of these are Asian (65%), with most of Chinese ancestry. There are also significant numbers from other Asian countries.

House prices

Richmond has been attracting more and more overseas buyers and this has been having quite an effect on the local market. Whether or not this continues is to be seen.

If you are interested in buying in this area (or anywhere in BC) please use our form to tell so that we can help you find the right area and the right home. Our local experts are available here and for most other areas.

Below is a table showing the Benchmark prices for typical property in Richmond. This comes from the Vancouver Real Estate Board’s monthly statistics.

Benchmark Prices: Richmond as at October 2013
CategoryBenchmark $1 Yr Change3 Yr Change
Source:Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver - MLS ®



Top Secondary Schools in Richmond by Fraser Institute Rank
SchoolRank in B.C.Score (out of 10)
Richmond Christian308
J N Burnett547
Hugh McRoberts667
Robert Alexander McMath747
Source: Fraser Institute 2011



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