Relocating to British Columbia
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How to bring your pets to B.C.

Dogs have a great time in Canada

The good news is that is actually quite easy to bring your cat or dog. I don’t know about more exotic pets, but am happy to research this for anyone who needs to know.

Shipping your dog or cat

There are two main options:

Specialist firms

This tends to be the more expensive route, costing as much or more than your airfare but does take away a lot of the running around that you will have to do if you decide to take your pet as excess baggage. It does also let you send the pet independently, e.g. so that you can go in advance.

These are what to expect:

Excess baggage

This is usually a cheaper way of moving your pets. It does involve you in making most of the arrangements and you have to travel on the same flight as the pet. Bear this in mind as you need to cope with a lot of your own regular luggage too.

These are the steps involved:

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