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Maple Ridge

One of many new home developments in Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge is a fast growing community with many unique features. As part of the Greater Vancouver Regional District it enjoys the benefits of being part of Vancouver, only a 30-60 minute drive away(45 Kms), while retaining its small town feel, surrounded by farmland.

Maple Ridge has a moderate coastal climate with little seasonal variations in temperature. The mean annual air temperature in the District is approximately 10° C and the mean daily temperatures for January and July are 1.8° C and 17.5° C respectively.

The district gets between 164 to 195 cm of precipitation a year, mostly as rain. Monthly rainfalls generally reach a maximum in December while minimums occur primarily in July.

Golden Ears Provincial Park is 7 miles north of Maple Ridge. See BC parks web site


Maple Ridge benefits by being on a surburban commuter train line - the West Coast Express.

This is a service that runs in peak hours only, with 5 trains into the city in the morning (approx 50 minute journey) and 5 back in the evening. There are additional train-bus services too, but you may need to consider alternative transport if you work irregular hours.

House Prices

Below is a table showing the Benchmark prices for typical homes, apartments and townhouses in Maple Ridge. This comes from the Vancouver Real Estate Board’s monthly statistics.

Benchmark Prices: Maple Ridge as at October 2013
CategoryBenchmark $1 Yr Change3 Yr Change
Source:Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver - MLS ®

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Top Secondary Schools in Maple Ridge by Fraser Institute Rank
SchoolRank in B.C.Score (out of 10)
Source: Fraser Institute 2011