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Using a representative

There are a lot of forms to fill in, and most people worry that they might not fill them in correctly and hence delay their application. Or worse.

That is why people consider using a representative, such as an Immigration Consultant or Lawyer, to help them with the process.

If you already know that you want to use a representative, then we can refer you to someone. We recommend that you do use a representative in complicated cases or for help in finding an employer to sponsor you for the Provincial Nominee Program. Otherwise, here are some facts that you should know when deciding on whether or not to use a representative.

Paid representatives must be authorized

According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) anyone you pay to represent you in immigration and refugee matters must be either:

Check your representative’s status

You can check the status of anyone you are considering using by using the membership look up tools referenced on the following site:

Using a representative does not speed up the process

The CIC does not give priority to applications made using a representative. The representative will help you with the process but the process is the same whether or not you use a representative. Beware of a representative who promises that you will get a visa, obtain citizenship or get special treatment from the Canadian government by using the representative’s services.

You must inform CIC that you are using a representative

CIC needs to be told you are using a representative. This is for your protection. They will not release information to your representative unless they have been sent the relevant form:

Representatives are paid

You probably knew that. It is up to you to decide whether their services are worth it for your case.